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We help doctoral students complete the dissertation in one year or less by demystifying the dissertation process.

About Done Dissertation

The Done Dissertation is a dissertation consulting firm that helps doctoral students, doctoral programs, and graduate student organizations break down the dissertation process into manageable pieces so that doctoral students can finish their dissertations in one year (or less). Our mission is to support at least 1000 doctoral students successfully navigate the dissertation process.

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We help people quickly understand the dissertation processes in several ways.

Velocity Coaching Program

The Done Dissertation Velocity Group Coaching Program helps doctoral students finish their dissertation proposal or final dissertation within four months and secure faculty, post-doc, and consultancy positions.

Dissertation Workshops

We provide dissertation workshops to graduate programs and colleges to support doctoral students in completing their dissertation, academic publishing and navigating academia.

University Partnership

The Done Dissertation University Partnership Program assists doctoral programs by providing professional development and support for doctoral students to navigate the dissertation process from start to finish.

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Dr. Ramon Goings is the founder of Done Dissertation®. He currently serves as Associate Professor in the Language, Literacy, and Culture interdisciplinary doctoral program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Dr. Goings is an expert on gifted/high-achieving Black male student success in PK-20 settings and diversifying the teacher and school leader workforce.

Dr. Goings is the author of over 60 scholarly publications. In addition to his scholarship, Dr. Goings has expertise in cultivating the academic writing of doctoral students and early career researchers. For more information about Dr. Goings’ research, you can visit his personal website.